How to Pick a VoIP Service Provider


Most businesses are using VoIP systems to have reliable communications at reduced rates as compared to using traditional communication systems. Here are some tips to guide you when selecting VoIP phone providers.

Before you commit to a VoIP service from Avaya Telephone Distributor, it is advisable to check whether internet connection is VoIP-ready. Find out if it has the right speed that to run your entire video and voice communications over the IP. By conducting a speed test, you will be able to determine if your connection can support VoIP.

Ask around for recommendations to identify great vendors for their VoIP services. If you know businesses that have this IP Telephone Systems already, you can ask them to refer you to their service providers as they may be suitable for your business needs. The internet is another good place to search for VoIP service providers in your area.

Finding a VoIP phone provider that is reliable will positively impact the success of your business. You want to work with providers that you can depend on at all times in case the VoIP system fails. The providers should have procedures of dealing with urgent and unexpected situations which may lead to downtime. To help you with this ensure that they have a service level agreement (SLA) that specifies the quality of service and uptime.

When finding a VoIP service provider, it is important to check the additional features that they are going to provide you. You can opt for providers that offer features such as 3-way calling, call waiting options, caller ID, conference calling and voice mail. These features may come as a standard package allowing you to cancel features that are not important to you so that you can get discounts.

Make sure the VoIP provider you are considering offers quality services. The best companies will use VoIP technology to ensure better call sounds so that you can converse without any problems. The quality of voice may differ between vendors depending on the codec they use and the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection. They should therefore access your network and provide you with suggestions on how to get good quality audio.

When you have a list of good VoIP service providers, compare their packages and cost of service while keeping in mind your budgetary needs. Know what is included in the final cost in order to ensure that you only get those services that you require. See to it that the vendor provides you with the right combination of price and quality. The other thing that should be considered is the level of customer support provided.


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